Currency In Dubai U.A.E.

1 United Arab Emirates Dirham equals = 0.27 US Dollar 2 United Arab Emirates Dirham equals = 0.54 US Dollar 3 United Arab Emirates Dirham equals = 0.82 US Dollar… 1

Malaysia Airlines in talks to rent out A380s for pilgrim flights

Malaysia Airlines might rent out is A380 superjumbos to carry religious travelers CEO Peter Bellew said the airline was in talks with a… 0

Trump’s ‘bad hombres’ and ‘nasty woman’ remarks stoke online outrage

Donald Trump’s remarks were made during the third and final presidential debate Throughout the debate, Trump repeated his call for tougher security at the… 0

Weekly economic update: Little change in region’s bourses

Global stock markets were choppy and ended the week as a disorderly lot. Europe recorded some gain but elsewhere red ink prevails, especially… 0

Central bank: UAE credit supply is dropping

A quarterly survey by the United Arab Emirates central bank showed a downtrend in overall credit appetite for both business and personal loans,… 0

US election 2016 final round: What the markets said

Mexican Peso rose slightly against the US dollar in Asia trade The Aussie was the biggest loser in forex exchange markets Traders’ focus… 0

Exxon boss tells peers, Saudis their oil supply crunch bet is wrong

Rex Tillerson says fears of a new global oil supply crunch are exaggerated Saudis have effectively abandoned their strategy to drive higher cost producers… 0

#ES_F Confluence Table Wednesday October 19, 2016

Final #SPX #MOC #Imbalances for Wednesday, October 19, 2016

#ES_F Daily + Weekly SPR plus IB Levels Chart for Wednesday, October 19, 2016

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